Wednesday, October 24

Let The Freak

Here's a huge sounding disco house banger from Mjuzieek (re-released on Hed Kandi). The very catchy main disco riff is accompanied with vocal cuts, big fx sounds and fat drumwork. Nothing to dislike here.

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Saturday, October 13

A Soulful Moment

Here are a couple of soulful house tunes for those dark and cold autumn evenings. (Or for the spring vibes if you're on the southern hemisphere!)

First one is a remix from Director's Cut who deliver a solid groove with their signature sound. Second comes a very musical tune courtesy of Grant Nelson and Matt Early. And last but not least we have soulful house pioneer Richard Earnshaw with a very classic sounding original (hence the name), maybe being the most soulful and chilled out of the bunch.

Buy on Beatport - Released in August 2012 on Defected

Buy on Beatport - Released in August 2012 on Swing City Records

Buy on Beatport - Released in July 2012 on Duffnote Recordings

Tuesday, October 9

You Can't Keep Talking

Bibz' "Level One" EP was released a couple of weeks ago on one of my favourite indie dance labels Stardust Records. The whole EP is rocking, but "You Can't Keep Talking" caught my attention especially. The feel-good original mix is a very fresh production combined with catchy vocals by Tammy and John Record, and Jackie brings some extra-funk with his deeper french house remix. Beautiful.

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Saturday, September 29

Groovy Music EP

The title of this EP actually says it all. "Groovy Music" was released about a month ago on Erik Bo's Funk Mansion label, which I have been passionately following for it's quality care-free funky house tunes. The following tracks deserve special attention. It's always a party at the Funk Mansion! Check out the entire release on Beatport.

P.S. Sorry for not posting for so long, I'm hoping to get the blog going more regularly again.

Tuesday, August 28

On The Run

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"One The Run" is a three-track EP released in July 2012 on Pornostar Recordings, and it's sounding big. My favourite version is the one by Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez, but the original is sounding great as well though maybe a bit too minimalistic for my taste. It won't hurt you to check out Muzzaik's remix too. General main-room house, but with a very nice vibe.

Monday, August 20

Do What We Do

Here's one of the nicest releases on Hed Kandi in a while now. This jazzy EP covers styles from soulful house to jacking house to nu disco. My favourite is the original with it's mellow piano, funky guitars and the stirring feel-good mood. Ridney's remix brings us the above-mentioned jacking house vibes in a lovely oldschool manner with 909 percussion sounds and a bit deeper feel. To wrap it all up, Webqueawry shows how to nu disco: big 80's synths, a rocking bassline and solid drum-work.

This beautiful package was released just today on Traxsource, go get it!

Sunday, August 19

Uncanny Valley 001 : Dirty, Grimey, Funky & Deep

Uncanny Valley 001 is filled with deep funky numbers like this. All the grit and squelching of vinyl crackle filtered just sets the scene for warm funky emotions.

In particular "Cuthead - Unacceptable Moustache Style" really kicks ass. Its got this deep dubby, housey combination like something Étienne de Crécy's Super Discount would have contained.

With so much music floating around its hard to stay on top of it all but respect where respect is due I say. This was released 9 months ago but will be relevant for the next 20 years!

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