Thursday, September 2

A Bunch of Funk

Scrubfish - Holla If You Came To Funk
Buy at Juno | Released by Flapjack US

Brand new track from an EP released by Flapjack Records, also relatively new but promising label. The track, being probably some combination of jackin' house and jazzdance, is strictly not the meat of this blog, but there's no shortage of funk (albeit the word "funk" is included in the name, which is often a bad sign). A handful of brass, guitars, keys and vocal samples laid pseudo-randomly over a smooth and groovy beat make sure you keep tapping that foot on the floor. Another one on the EP, The Jazzface, is a bit deeper and less melodic but still a great track and seriously worth a listen if only for the sublime drumwork.

Sedat The Turkish Avenger - Fist Funk
Buy at Discogs | Released by Nocturnal Recordings

To balance the novelty of the previous track, here's a wacky tune also bearing the magical word in its name from 2003 by one of my favorite producers. With its daftly funky samples, crazy filters and a breakdown featuring a ludicrously berserk vocal loop it sure divides opinions. They all work excellently for me though and I've been enjoying this track with a smile ever since.

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