Tuesday, December 20

I Love Nuggets

House Republic, Richard Grey – Nuggetz (Original Mix)
Buy on Beatport / Juno Download - Listen on YouTube - Download Preview (192kbps)

Did someone say awesome? Oh no wait, it was just this track I was listening to. I can't believe how I missed it more than a month ago when this was released by Ego, but here it now is. Also, seems to be a bit hazy who the actual artists here are behind this one, but Beatport says it's House Republic and Richard Grey so I think I'll just go with that. At least it has something to do with both of them.

On to the track then. The more I listen to it, the more I fall in love. It's got a definitive disco vibe with very catchy vocals and some of the funkiest guitars around. The drums are more modern than usually in these kind of tracks, although not too techy (luckily).

Show your support and buy it, let's bring this kind of music back!

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