Sunday, January 15

Disco's Payback

Funkster is on a disco-roll!
Today I have a beautiful edit for you by Mr. Alexandre Louvré as well as perhaps the best mash-up I've ever heard courtesy of GonZo.

Kool & the Gang РGet Down On It (Alexandre Louvr̩ Edit)
Download via SoundCloud

Get your groove on with this fresh sounding edit of a classic by Kool & The Gang. It doesn't vary much from the original (that's why it's an edit, duh) but fatter drums, filtering, chopping and looping have been added to give it that extra spice.

David Guetta vs Wonderland Band – Paradise Bitch
Download via SoundCloud

Mad props for GonZo, who has been doing these "Disco's Payback" mash-ups in order to "bring back the old funky disco vibes to the parties and dancefloors" as he said himself. I never would've thought that a Guetta track could ever be turned into anything good, not mention something as great as this. It's almost like the vocals were made for this track if it wasn't for all that auto-tune. Nonetheless, it's a spectacular mash-up that every Guetta-hater can surely enjoy.

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