Friday, July 27

Freebie Fridays #3

Time for another edition of Freebie Fridays – I got some real gems for you...

Luminaire – Shake
Download via SoundCloud

Let's hit it off with Luminaire's fresh sounding synth and sample heavy "Shake". Pay special attention to the level of production here, everything is so nice and fat. As usually it all just works and gets me on a really good mood. Feel-good stuff.

Bit Funk – It's My Love
Download via

You might've heard of this already, but hey I have to hype it too! The start didn't convince me immediately, and for a moment I was afraid if this was to be the first Bit Funk track I wouldn't like. But then I heard some lovely chords rising and the piano finally won me over. It's a classic-flavour house track with that M1 piano and lately bass spiced up with soulful vocals and some guitars. 3:13 is a wonderful moment.

The 3rd Eyebrow – Gentle Mirage (Fukuyamas Filtered Remix)
Download via SoundCloud

This remix was uploaded by Fukuyama literally a couple hours ago. It's got a huge amount of drive, and that bassline action is really well executed.

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