Friday, August 10

Freebie Fridays #4

Friday already? That calls for some freebies!

A brilliant mash-up from Japan / Oslo producer duo Fukuyama released as a celebration for 200 Facebook fans. They deserve a lot more though so go like them already! "Fukuyama Used To Hold Me" combines the vocal track of Calvin Harris' "You Used To Hold Me" and Fukuyama's own track "Fukuyama" with discoliciously delicious results.

And here's Jackie dropping another bomb, which has become a delightful habit for this Polish funky houser. "Do You Understand?" is (obviously) a tribute to true house music, and it doesn't disappoint in its purpose. This is a bit of oldschool house heaven. Understood?

Finally, British producer duo Funky Truckerz bring us some more classic house vibes with their remix of De Nuit's "All That Really Mattered". The guys give the original a big room twist yet retaining the great nostalgic vibe. Good job!

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