Thursday, February 2

A Voodoo Situation

Enough with traditional disco house. Let's do some nu disco!

Geisha Twins – Love Situation (DJ EQ 5x5 Remix)
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As I was going through Stardust Records' releases on Beatport I found this gem. Big 80's synth stabs, a lot of happy chopping, a lot of variety, and a catchy vocal hook. It's something for everyone and does justice to the style Stardust is known for. The remix was released more than a year ago, but this does not diminish its freshness.

DiscoSocks – Voodoo
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Thanks to Fatty Roscoe for sending me this one. Voodoo is a funky track from head to toes. I immediately fell in love with that groovy-ass bassline which adds such a slick touch to the entire production. Also a lot of chopping and cutting going on in here spiced up with a variety of synths. This one was released a couple weeks back on Houserecordings.

The Louder The Better – Night & Day
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I featured The Louder The Better about a month ago, and now they're back with another free banger. A bit slower than the other tracks in this post, but still very funky and playful with that guitar-heavy sample. Big up to these guys for sharing their stuff for free. I would've paid for this.

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