Sunday, February 26

Oldschool Sound

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"Inside & Out" is a beautiful soulful jam originally released in 2006 by Duffnote Records. Richard on the keyboards and production and Mr. Vargas on the sax is an unbeatable combination. Of course we also mustn't forget about Matt Gray's outstanding performance on the bass and the funky guitars courtesy of Tom Mills.

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Going even further back to the year 2002, only a couple years after Defected was founded, this track gets released. It's got a big percussion section, a funky sax and such a groovy bassline – everything a classic oldschool track needs. The speech sums up everything just perfectly: "You know what it's all about, that feeling we have. That feeling that's been gone for way too long, yeah. Just sit back, close your eyes and re-memorize. We gotta return to that feeling."

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