Friday, May 4

Sunshine Music For Sunshine People

Lately it's all been about party music here on Funkster so today I'm offering you something a tad more laid back for a change.

Raul Rincon feat. Clara Mendes – Dry Martini
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"Dry Martini" is a calm latin-influenced soulful house track featuring a set of beautiful vocals sung in Spanish by Clara Mendes. Although I have no idea what they're about, it sounds really soothing. I was surprised to see such a soulful track coming from the likes of Raul Rincon since I had only known him for his more upbeat remixes. This is no disappointment in no way though, I could just sit in the sun and listen to music like this all day long. Rincon's motto is right on the money: "this is sunshine music for sunshine people".

Check Raul Rincon out on his homepageSoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter

Max Sedgley – All Around Me
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As a bonus treat, here's another sunny feel-good jam. This one was released in late 2010 on Jalapeno Records, but I found it on the "Soul Unsigned 2011 Summer Sessions" compilation, which – as a surprise to me – arrived via mail after the online-purchase. Perhaps I shouldn't have automatically assumed that it was a download, but it's never bad to own some music in physical form as well! The track itself is pure ear candy: the sounds are delicious, everything just works superbly. Make sure you check out the other tracks in the compilation as well, at that price the album is a bargain and really a no-brainer (= GO GET IT).

Max Sedgley on Facebook / Facebook / Facebook (no idea which the official page is, if any of them)

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