Wednesday, May 2

Stereocool Rocks The House

Stereocool feat. Ace – Simple
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Here's a release I've been waiting for quite some time now. Stereocool is a very fresh name on the scene, about a year ago this "funk-driven italian guy" started building serious momentum remixing a lot of other rising stars and announcing this release, which – in my book – is his greatest feat 'till now. "Simple" is powered by lovely crisp acid synth riffs and amazing vocals by Ace, which really have a heavy impact on me. The entire package was released on Italian Hello Shitty Records label.

But let's not forget about the remixes now. There's one for every taste, even a dubstep make-over. Yet I'd like to draw special attention to Frenssu's (the guy who also made this) house version.

Stereocool feat. Ace – Simple (Frenssu Remix)
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Care-free, funky, fat sounding, just the way I like it – and exactly what to expect from this guy. This is definitely a release for the coming summer.

There have been rumours of a "Part 2" also, I can't but imagine what that will hold.

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