Thursday, November 24

Awesome Beats (and Stuff)

Luminaire – Cut/Paster EP
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Luminaire describes himself as an "English dude who likes to make beats and stuff", and well, who wouldn't like to make such awesome beats. His free EP "Cut/Paster", released merely a week ago, contains five feet-moving instant-like tracks, three of which I'd like to draw special attention to. Listen to the tracks in the player above.

She / Dream Lowe / Disfunction
Stylewise these three a very similar to each other. They all have a relatively slow four-to-the-floor drumbeat accompanied with a catchy sample including some kind of vocal. "Disfunction" features a lot of chopping, and is the most powerful one out of the lot. "She" and "Dream Lowe" are more feel-good tracks, to which you'll have no problem dancing to though. If I we're to pick a favourite, it would probably be "Dream Lowe", but the others would come very close in the race. All-in-all, a smashing EP, and the fact that it's free just adds to the wonderfulness.

Being yet rather undiscovered, the future looks bright for this funky beat-enthusiast. I'm eagerly looking forward to more!

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