Sunday, November 6

Long Titles, Funky Rhodes

Cookie Monsterz and Michelle Weeks - Spread Love (Richard Earnshaw Peoples Classic Remix)
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Released by King Street Sounds in April 2010

Another classic Earnshaw remix. Soulful house with a definitive feel-good vibe. This one features catchy female vocals, funky synths and – of course – a set of fat rhodes. If you've ever heard a track by Richard, you know what to expect, but in no way is that a con.

Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend (Joey Negro Z Mix)
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Released by Strictly Rhythm in August 2011

And then a little something for the weekend, which actually is almost over already. "Well planned" you remark sarcastically? Well it's still a kick-ass track that can also be enjoyed on other weekdays. This one's a bit jazzier and deeper than the Earnshaw's remix, this time with male vocals and rhodes that are slightly funkier. One of my Joey Negro favourites.

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