Wednesday, November 16


Finnish house act Koobra just released their second EP with four rocking tracks. "Nighrunning EP" was released on the (also Finnish) Nightrunners- label, where the likes of Lenno, Bright Shades, StardonE and Adam Bozzetto have already appeared on their EP's. This labels looks very promising, and "Nightrunning EP" is a great addition to their already magnificant selection of releases. To me the following tracks stood out.

Koobra - Nightrunning
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Nightrunning is dominated by a heavy distorted guitar riff layered with 80's-esque synth stabs. Some catchy male vocals and funky synths here and there provide the icing for this tasty cake.

Koobra - Give You Up
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And then onto my favourite track on this release. When I heard "Give You Up" for the very first time I was instantly in love. I have a serious weakness for rhodes and when this is combined with an uplifting vocal loop, a big funky bassline and other lovely melodies spread around the track, my happiness can't be measured.

All in all, this release sounds very 80's, and of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although I didn't like the other two tracks as much as these, make sure that you also check them out on Bandcamp. Who knows, maybe they'll take your fancy.

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