Sunday, April 8

A Wish

Frenssu – A Wish
Download for free via SoundCloud / Mediafire

Over the past years my perception of Finland being more of a trance / progressive house -land has completely changed. Timo Juuti & Hector 87, Lenno, and Something Good (to name a few) have all been turning Finland into a land where some of the most catchy house tracks come from. Finnish producers truly now they're business when it comes to creating feel-good tunes that get everyone moving.

Now let me introduce you to another Finnish super-producer. I've just recently bumped into Frenssu via SoundCloud, and instantly fell in love with their fresh french house sound. I didn't find any additional info on Frenssu anywhere, but their description on is quite incisive: "The best kept secret of disco house, that never fails to amaze and make you move." Frenssu's latest creation "A Wish" is just that: a catchy sample, a huge wall of synths and bass, and "Call On Me"- type of heavy sidechaining (pumping). As it just happens, this beauty is also completely free, so there really is no excuse for not downloading it and playing it 'till your ears bleed.

It would be completely wrong if this act was kept a secret any longer.

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