Thursday, April 12

You Got Your Sucker Jam

Alistair Albrecht – Sucker Jam
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The first time anyone had really heard of UK-based DJ/producer Alistair Albrecht was in 2008 as his first release "What Would We Do" produced with Patrick Hagenaar (as Hagenaar & Albrecht) hit the number one spot in various online stores. To be completely honest, the tracks these guys produced together after "What Would We Do" never really took my fancy, but the newest yield by Mr. Albrecht alone in the form of a two-track-EP is quite inspired.

I would like to drag special attention to the title track "Sucker Jam". It features a At Night (Kid Crème Remix) -type of bassline, clean e-pianos, and a bit later on even a catchy sax riff is introduced.

Audio Jacker – You Got Yours
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Also UK-based Audio Jacker has already become a regular here on the blog. His style has been gradually changing from disco-heavy house to a more jacking funky house style recently; the percussion has become a bit more straight-forward and plain, and influences from the current trendy house trend can be heard here and there. Although this might even sound like a negative thing, I still like the "new" Audio Jacker very much. "You Got Yours" remains to bring the disco, and carries a very positive vibe.


  1. Is this song titles wrong? i looked it up on you tube and a different song played