Monday, October 24

Shine Fish Knows His House

Shine Fish vs. Lisa Millett - I'll Be Good (Bootleg Remake)
Released in February 2011 | Listen on YouTube

Shine Fish vs. Marc Evans - The Way You Love Me (Bootleg Remake)
Released in November 2008 | Listen on YouTube

I present to you: two of the tightest remakes (or more like remixes though) of these house classics by Finnish house mastermind Shine Fish. You can instantly hear that this guy knows his percussion. The drum sets are very coherent and firmly complement the overall groove. Secondly you'll hear that this guy also knows a thing or two about making groovy basslines. In both tracks my favourite moment is when the bass comes in, really gluing the track together. There are plenty more tracks by Shine Fish than just these, check out the links at the bottom of the post.

Shine Fish has been busting out feel-good house tracks since 2007, although at a rather varying (and mostly sparse) density. Unfortunately, the last year or so has been very quiet, but on the brighter side, we still have all his earlier productions which don't tend to wear out easily.

I regularly wonder why this dude isn't already world-famous. Shine Fish's talent is obvious to everyone who has heard his work and I'm yet to hear a track by him that I don't love. On the other hand, his still modest popularity also offers an upside: all of this tracks are free.

Shine Fish @ SoundCloud
Shine Fish @ (Finnish music portal)
Shine Fish @ (Finnish clubbing site)

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