Sunday, October 9

When Canadians Go French

Mix Chopin - I'm Gonna Get You
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Released by Shiny Disco Club in June 2011

"I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you, baby." This has been worming around in my ear for quite some time now.

Master of the basslines, Canadian Mix Chopin, never fails to deliver french house bombs. This track is at least as beautiful as the girl in the cover and at least as summery as that beach.

Midnight Marauders - Nowhere Fast
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Midnight Marauders @ SoundCloud / Facebook

This producer duo from Canada describe their style as electro-funk, and this track truly fulfils that portrayal. This banger could be classified as house with a french touch peppered with big sample-chops and funky synth-work. It's a shame that they're not better known (at least not on SoundCloud) but I'm sure they'll pick up speed fast as they've just recently started releasing their productions on the site – for free. There's no good excuse for not downloading this track.

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